Strep Throat Treatment to Cure the Damn Disease

It is not easy to treat strep throat so never take this problem lightly. The disease starts with common cold and ends in the swollen lymph nodes and inflamed throat and tonsils. So be ware of this problematic disease. Strep throat is caused by bacteria, commonly called as streptococcus. This is a contagious disease and

I Tried it Thursday: Zumba (And a Really Great Deodorant)

Have you ever tried Zumba? What’s your favorite kind of workout? Tonight will be my 4th zumba session (twice a week session). I am 68 years old, over-weight, and rhythmically challenged, but I love my zumba class. I keep in constant motion even though I am usually way behind the beat. I don’t worry about

Is weight loss all about self-control?

Very little has to do with self control. It’s about people not having enough time and money to exercise and eat right. The worst foods for you are the easiest, cheapest and fastest to make. Maintaining your weight isn’t hard if you have enough money and time to buy healthy foods and prepare them. Most

Is this the end of bathrooms on airplanes?

Would you protest an airline that took away toilets from airplanes to make room for more seats? Or do you think air travelers should just suck it up and fly on their planes anyway? I fly for both my job and for personal reasons, and this is the most horrible idea I’ve ever heard. I

Is your diet ruining your relationship?

Today’s post is about a new research study that’s right up my alley! My first book (with my co-author Denise Maher), Your Diet is Driving Me Crazy: When Food Conflicts Get in the Way of Your Love Life was all about how food impacts your relationship, and how your relationship impacts food. The book was

Understanding The Importance of Prostate Health

Throughout history, men have tried to overcome adversity with the strength of his body, his heart, his character and spirit. In this time of great scientific advances there are still situations in which men must use that strength to protect our own health. It needs another kind of strength: the courage to learn, to go

Are You Going to Die Early?

We know that certain behaviours are linked to early mortality, but according to a recent study, researchers have discovered that people with a particular personality trait are likely to die earlier. So what is that trait? The Purdue University study, as reported by Reuters, found that men who are prone to stress, anxiety and worry

Aim High When It Comes to Your Fitness Goals

I often put science-y type links in my articles, but not this time. This time I don’t have any research, just gut instinct, personal experience and some anecdotal evidence. In other words, you can take this post or leave it. I’ve written about achieving fitness goals before and how focusing on the short-term will help

A New Pair of Running Shoes

I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday. The purchase was long overdue as the old ones (New Balance) had clocked about five years and who knows how many miles. The consensus seems to be that a habitual runner should swap up their trainers either every six months or 300-500 miles. So, while I

8 Reasons Why I Love to Run…And Why You Will Too

1. I love to eat Running is one of the most time-efficient, calorie-burning exercises around. When I run, that food I’ve eaten gets burned off as heat energy. If I didn’t run, that food would end up getting stored as an unhealthy and unattractive blob around my midsection. Running many kilometres is what got me