Are You Going to Die Early?

We know that certain behaviours are linked to early mortality, but according to a recent study, researchers have discovered that people with a particular personality trait are likely to die earlier. So what is that trait? The Purdue University study, as reported by Reuters, found that men who are prone to stress, anxiety and worry

Aim High When It Comes to Your Fitness Goals

I often put science-y type links in my articles, but not this time. This time I don’t have any research, just gut instinct, personal experience and some anecdotal evidence. In other words, you can take this post or leave it. I’ve written about achieving fitness goals before and how focusing on the short-term will help

A New Pair of Running Shoes

I bought a new pair of running shoes yesterday. The purchase was long overdue as the old ones (New Balance) had clocked about five years and who knows how many miles. The consensus seems to be that a habitual runner should swap up their trainers either every six months or 300-500 miles. So, while I

8 Reasons Why I Love to Run…And Why You Will Too

1. I love to eat Running is one of the most time-efficient, calorie-burning exercises around. When I run, that food I’ve eaten gets burned off as heat energy. If I didn’t run, that food would end up getting stored as an unhealthy and unattractive blob around my midsection. Running many kilometres is what got me

Enjoying the Winter

A couple of weeks ago everyone that I met talk me about the heat on those days, and not just a trivial whether talk but a serious concern. So, I get the Idea of make an intention with the resolution to bring the winter (that it spouse to start t February end, but nobody cares

Lose 20, Gain 5

My co-workers are starting a ‘Biggest Loser’ competition today. My main goal is not to win the competition but to get back into shape. This seems like a good opportunity to focus on that goal. Ideally, I see myself losing 20lbs of fat and gaining 5lbs of muscle. The competition will most likely be 12

Letting go

An email to send me: I allow to let go of the things in my life that are not for my highest good. Now some suggests here: 1. I allow to let go of the things in my life that are not for my highest good. I also agree with the others I choose to

Have you ever lost a tooth — in your lunch?

Ron Santo is a beloved Chicago character who formerly played on both of the city’s teams in his Major League Baseball career and now serves as a vocal, opinionated Chicago Cubs broadcaster. Now the infamous story of Santo’s toupee catching fire when he got too close to a heater in a press box in 2003

Reduce Your Risk of Heart Attack With Seven Heart-Healthy Tips

Author by Natasha Turner With New Year’s just a couple months away, it won’t be long before many people begin their resolutions to improve their diet, drop their cholesterol, exercise more or shed the holiday pounds. There are, however, seven simple tips that you can incorporate right away to boost your heart health and get

How to Protect My Handsome, Gentle Sons from Domineering Women

Times sure have changed. At least here in the West. My wife, Pam, is thrilled and excited to have three young boys turning into young men. And so am I, of course. But she’s worried for them: because they’re boys. Because they’re nice, handsome, gentle boys. She’s afraid some domineering woman is going to snatch